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Expert Witness Services

Stuart Okorofsky has served as a consultant and Expert Witness for prominent intellectual property, patent, copyright and trade secret infringement litigation cases for major corporations and organizations, including patents for Financial Markets and non-financially related cases.

Services Offered:

  1. Available for consulting, deposition and testimony
  2. Review and comparison of source code, analysis of functionality, uniqueness


  1. (2011) Company Confidential: Expert Witness (Legal Counsel: Rachlis Durham Duff & Adler)
    - Intellectual property case regarding Stock Option Pricing Model written in C++.
    - Deposed by opposing counsel
    - Case was settled prior to trial.

  2. (2009) Company Confidential: Expert Witness (Legal Counsel: Paul Hastings)
    - Trade Secret litigation involving banking demographics.
    - Extensive use of Access and FoxPro data base software.
    - Case was settled out of court in September 2009 (prior to trial).

  3. (2008) Company Confidential: Copyright/Trade Secret Infringement, Consultant (Ater Wynne LLP)
    - Intellectual property case regarding Fortran Programs that are used to create layouts, estimates, and drawings for large-scale Spiral Pipe installations.
    - Case was settled prior to trial.

  4. (2007) Company Confidential: Patent Infringement Consultant (Legal Counsel: McDermott, Will and Emery)
    - Patent infringement case regarding software used to operate industrial machinery written in C++.
    - Case was settled prior to trial.

  5. (2005) Xerox Corporation: Source Code Comparison Expert
    - Source code comparison for international Arbitration case

  6. (2004) Reuters: Expert Witness in patent infringement lawsuit against Bloomberg (Legal counsel: Skadden, Arps)

    - Reviewed Bloomberg Source Code (written in Fortran and C) to determine existence of infringement on one or more of three patents held by Reuters
    - Patents were for “Distributed Matching System for Displaying a Book of Credit Filtered Bids and Offers”
    - Case was settled in March 2006 before the trial began

  7. (2002) New York Mercantile Exchange (NYMEX): Expert Witness for patent infringement suit between sSpeed, Inc. and Electronic Trading Systems Corp. (Legal counsel: Akin, Gump)

    - Reviewed C++ source code of ACCESS 2000 Electronic Futures Exchange program
    - Prepared expert report of findings
    - Deposed by legal counsel for plaintiffs

  8. (2001) Deutsche Bank: Trading Program Litigation Consultant

    Reviewed trading model created in Fortran code
    - Determined functionality and uniqueness of code in order for legal team to examine trade secret violation litigation possibilities

  9. (2001) PDA Software Litigation: Source Code Comparison Expert for Rich Belgard, leading copyright/patent expert

    Reviewed and analyzed source code (written in C) for hundreds of individual routines for operating system of leading handheld computer company
    - Compared to code and functionality of operating system for leading competitor

Okorofsky is available to serve as a consultant/expert witness in situations involving patents related to Financial Markets as well as non-financally related patents. To view his resume, click here.

For further information and references: Telephone 845-658-9706 or send an email to krofs@aol.com

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