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About Stuart Okorofsky

Media Recognition:
- Voted 6th of Top Ten Consultants viewed at Traders’ Resource website

- TradeStation World EL Expert Showcase - Feature about Stuart Okorofsky

Client Testimonials:

" I run a small Family Hedge Fund that had been using custom strategies created in NinjaScript. Our fund was moving to Tradestation and we needed to have our script converted. Tradestation recommended Stuart. I emailed Stuart my situation and was utterly shocked to receive a response in JUST MINUTES!!! This man is on top of his stuff!!! We agreed on a VERY FAIR price and I forwarded Stuart my NinjaScripts. Again, I was shocked at Stuart’s turnaround time….one day later, we had a fully functioning Tradestation Strategy that allowed us to transition our fund smoothly from Ninja to Tradestation…a situation that could have been a nightmare for us and our clients. I can’t recommend Stuart enough!! He made a usually difficult process of writing trading strategies in code, a simple, fast, painless, and enjoyable experience!!! THANK YOU, STUART!!!! Stuart’s prospective customers can feel free to contact me with questions and can get my contact info from Stuart "
Brian Danels
- Trader

" I have been working with Stuart on various Tradestation strategy projects for several years. Some were simple and others were complex, but Stuart always came through and in a very timely manner at a price I felt was fair. He cares about the end product being exactly what I asked for and never wanted payment until it was completed and I was satisfied. Recently, I started trading with NinjaTrader and I thought I would need to find another coder for any strategy I came up with, but much to my surprise Stuart can code NinjaTrader strategies as well. He wrote my first strategy in Ninja and it works just like it should. A brilliant coder who understands the markets, not just coding. Thanks for your work! "
Andy Fox- Trader

"I have been an individual trader for many years, and write my own code for use with TradeStation/Easy Language. I wanted to write code for a specific indicator that I wanted, but was unable to do it. Ultimately, I contacted several Easy Language programmers to see if they could help me. Stuart emailed me within 2 hours after I contacted him, said he could write that code and gave me a very reasonable price quote. Within 4 hours from that point he emailed me the code I requested. It did exactly what I told him I wanted it to do. The code he provided was extremely complex and clearly not anything I could have written by myself. He completed his work before some of the other programmers even responded to my email. If you have a coding issue, I can't imagine anyone giving you better service than Stuart."
Steve Nilsson- Trader

"Not only is Stuart an excellent TradeStation programmer, he also understands markets, systems, and indicators. He's a professional and possesses integrity and good work ethics. I highly recommend him."
Tom DeMark - Noted Author and Market Technician
Consultant to Large Financial Institutions

"We just wanted to thank you again for the fantastic work that you did on the strategies for us. All is working great. Above and beyond the great work that you did on the strategies, we are even more pleased with the level of service, personal attention and confidence in your work. Your quick responses to questions, the quick revisions and most of all the confidence in the work that you had done. Letting us know that the glitches we experienced had to be something else, other than the strategy as written, was really a milestone. As it turned out, it was not the strategy, but an issue with the software. Really feels good to be dealing with someone that really knows what they are doing. Just wanted to let you know that you are sincerely appreciated."
Henry Kern - Trader

"If you're looking for a professional that really knows what he's doing, Stuart is the man. He's no nonsense, get's the job doing quickly and realiably. I used two EL programmers previously over the past year, and his expertise was head and shoulders above the others."
Jim Breen - Trader

"Eighteen months ago, we hired Stuart to test two strategies for us. Since then, we have been so impressed by his work that we now rely on him for all of our TradeStation and SuperCharts programming and testing needs."
Larry Connors - President Ocean View Financial
Author - Connors on Advanced Trading Strategies
co-Author - Street Smarts and Investment Secrets of a Hedge Fund Manager

"I am an EasyLanguage Expert. When I am too busy, or the code is very complex, I have Stuart do my programming for me. He's the best I've found."
Roy Kelly - Owner ARC Systems

"The first developer that I talked to said what I wanted couldn’t be done. Three other ones didn’t even respond after reviewing the specifications. Then Stuart called and after spending sometime discussing my needs he went to work. Within a couple of days I was testing an indicator and a couple of days after that I had the completed function and the project was complete. Stuart’s knowledge, experience and no-nonsense work style and straightforward approach kept the project moving forward quickly. Without any hesitation I would recommend Stuart as I plan on working with him again in the future."
Thank you again, Rob Lockwood

"I had a number of TradeStation programmers to choose from to program the methods from my book. After much due diligence, I chose Stuart Okorofsky. Based on the positive response from the purchasers of my software, I know I made the correct decision."
Jeff Cooper
- President Cooper Trading
Author - Hit and Run Trading

"I thought I would take a moment to thank you for all of your hard work, in terms of the Easy Language programming, you have done for me. After contacting several Easy Language "Experts" and having been told my programming needs were absolutely impossible, I called you. Not only were you able to find a way to do my difficult programming but the professional manner in which you worked is exemplary. Your "can-do" attitude makes doing business with you a pleasure. You are fast, efficient with extreme attention to detail. Your added precision touches, to my ideas, resulted in a program that was far better than I had ever hoped for. I look forward to working with you again in the future."
Sincerely, Paul Larios
Independent Trader

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